Massage therapy and holistic bodywork fits beautifully alongside physiotherapy provision so it is wonderful to have a highly skilled and experienced massage expert within our diverse, holistic and multi-skilled team at Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic in Salisbury. We may indeed choose to integrate both physiotherapy and massage therapy to get the best long-term outcomes for clients.  Our massage therapist offers so much more than just a massage.  Treatment often involves exercise prescription to suit your condition for long term improvement as well as relaxation techniques.

These treatments may help with relaxation, recovery from acute injury, relief for chronic conditions and enhance rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a specialised treatment that benefits someone who is regularly participating in physical activity or sports. Sports massage may be used to enhance both recovery and performance when used prior to or after exercise. It may also reduce tension and correct muscular imbalances (overactivity/underactivity in muscle groups) arising from strenuous or repetitive activities or injury or direct trauma. Sports massage may also restore function and prevent injury.

If you are a regular sports person looking to treat and injury or improve flexibility, performance and recovery then a sports massage is the best treatment for you!

Deep tissue massage

A popular deep tissue massage that combines traditional sports massage techniques with a lighter touch style to help both body and mind.  This brings calm and release of tension from muscles and soft tissues.

Holistic Swedish Mind Release Relaxation massage

A more gentle massage aiming to reduce stress and tension in the body. This may have resulted from general physical and mental stress from day to day life activities and events. In the hectic lives we currently lead, looking after yourself is so incredibly important and relaxation massage is a great way to give yourself a regular burst of ‘tlc.’ “Self-care” and “me time” have become increasingly recognised as essential activities to stay well both physically and mentally.


Costs and timing

Additional time is scheduled when booking your first appointment to allow for an initial consultation so that we can find out about your health needs and any medical background so that we can treat you both effectively and safely.  We endeavour to email new clients a consultation form that will speed up this process.  Extra time is always allowed when booking a follow-up to allow for feedback and changing.  We don’t like rushing anyone!

All massages can either be 30, 45, 60 minutes duration.  This is the approximate hands on treatment time depending on time required for further assessment and discussion .  Please allow extra 10-15 minutes as it is scheduled into every appointment.


30 minutes  £40

45 minutes  £50

60 minutes  £60

For corporate health and well-being massage packages please get in touch.

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Just had a lovely massage, feeling super relaxed and refreshed. Thank you Owen – MN

Fantastic service at Harnham Physiotherapy. I saw Owen for a sports massage following an injury and it worked wonders! I am very much looking forward to going again. – RH

I had my first massage with Owen yesterday. Amazing treatment that has really helped me. He’s very professional and friendly and tailors the treatment to exactly what you need. Thank you very much and I’ll be booking in for a regular treatment. – JF

As a fellow sports massage therapist I can highly recommend Owen . Great sports massage in a professional environment. – KL

I had my first appointment with Owen a couple of weeks’ ago, and I have booked again to see him next week. I was impressed with the holistic approach – identifying areas that needed work, rather than just giving the same-old back/shoulders/neck massage. The whole experience was relaxed yet purposeful, and I felt that Owen was genuinely interested in helping me feel better. – OS