Holistic Health Centre… coming soon!


We are so excited to possibly be moving and to have submitted a planning application on 2 Netherhampton Road – on the main through road in Harnham near the Harnham Infants and Junior schools, the cricket pitch, St George’s church, The Old Mill pub, Parsonage Green and the Town Path straight into Salisbury.  We are proposing to turn this beautiful tranquil listed building into a place of healing where our Physiotherapy team will be based alongside very experienced and well reputed holistic therapists.


Marie has worked in holistic health as a reflexologist since 1999 – prior to embarking on her career in Physiotherapy.  She was also until recently the Salisbury City Coordinator for a group of holistic therapists in Salisbury that was established by the World Health Heroes organisation and this team continues to network in Salisbury as the “Salisbury Wellbeing Team.”  Holistic therapy has been embraced by the clinic for a long time and within Marie’s practice of physiotherapy since 2000 so this is a really thrilling time for the clinic to be embracing its association with holistic therapy more formally and extensively.

Marie’s vision is to set up a very strong, highly qualified and experienced collaborative team that will work together and treat the whole body; both body and mind; head to toe.  The Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic already has eight diverse chartered physiotherapists, a massage therapist who is also a personal trainer, fitness expert and biomechanics coach.  There are also two clinicians trained in Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture.  The clinic already offers Physiotherapy in clinic (including acupuncture) and community visit services in and around Salisbury.

Our holistic health centre also hopes to introduce a more proactive approach to managing health with the introduction of a “Holistic Health MOT.”  Unfortunately our health system is set up to be reactive and we generally seek help only when things go wrong.  Imagine if we cared for our health preventatively.  It is, after all, our most precious possession.


In years to come, we also aspire to raise discretionary funds that may help those on the lowest incomes to also access our life changing therapies and professionals.

Joining our team

We invite experienced clinicians to get in touch who would be interested in joining this exciting collaboration.  In addition to the five therapy rooms on-site including a beautiful small group space, we plan to book the local St George’s church hall for classes and larger group activities.  Although therapists joining us would be involved on a room rental basis, this rare team opportunity is so much more than a solitary room for a local lone practitioner to work within.  Our capacity for joining clinicians will be restricted but it is imperative to establish a strong team of diverse practitioners.  Every client is unique and no ‘one size fits all’ within our sphere of practice.  Our strength therefore comes from credibility, choice and flexibility.

Introducing our founding members of our extended holistic team…

We are absolutely thrilled to officially welcome Nikki Emerton and Laura-Jo Lawrence who have already committed to joining our collaboration.  Their details are below.  Both are very highly reputed clinicians who are already working in and around Salisbury and their contact details are provided.

Nikki Emerton 


Nikki Emerton – Mast NLP Coach Clin Hyp Dip DCBT
Lightning Process Practitioner®
Co-Founder of Happy Confident Kids

Nikki works with clients of all ages using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and delivering courses of the Lightning Process.  She empowers individuals to make positive changes and take back control of their lives.

By focusing on where you want to be, Nikki facilitates rapid and long lasting change of both physical bodily symptoms as well as mental health conditions.  This approach is not about analysing and understanding the past.  It is about moving forwards to a better and more comfortable, fulfilling and happy life.

Nikki herself has suffered debilitating ME, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia & Raynaulds Disease.  She truly understands the challenges of chronic illness, chronic pain and mental health conditions.  Nikki turned her own life around through these therapies and now helps others in the same way.

From not being able to even climb her stairs, Nikki has literally run a marathon.

Nikki is also the co-founder of Happyconfidentkids delivering courses for children to gain confidence, resolve anxiety and develop resilience.

Appointments available face to face or by Skype.  Free 20 minute initial phone consultations available to book online.



01722 711999 / 07817 885810

Laura-Jo Lawrence – Foot Health Practitioner


Laura-Jo’s broad career in healthcare goes back some 33 years…

She started her career in 1986 training to be a nurse but changed to Chiropody after sustaining a back injury. Having completing training with Scholls she spent the next ten years running a variety of surgery based and domiciliary practices in the Salisbury area and in London. Based partly at the Old Orchard Surgery in Wilton – she provided chiropody services, ran a popular weekly diabetic foot clinic and provided a nail cutting service for the elderly and less able. Laura-Jo was previously registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC, now HCPC) as a “Chiropodist” and was a full member of the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (IOPC).

In 2004, Laura-Jo took a career break and dedicated herself to bringing up five children and supporting her military husband who was a Gurkha officer. A few years ago he left the army and now writes action adventure thrillers and books about Gurkhas.

Laura-Jo and her family returned to Salisbury permanently a few years ago and she was able to return to her work in 2017.  Having completed ten months of training she was welcomed back to the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists as an Associate Member and with their support, she is working towards regaining her HCPC registration to once again use the protected professional title “Chiropodist.”  It is standard practice that if anyone takes a career break of two years or longer, that the HCPC requires return to practice training and hours to be able to work again under a quality assured protected title.  In the interim, Laura-Jo is qualified and insured to work as a “#FootHealthPractitioner.”

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Laura-Jo to our team and support her on her journey.  She is highly skilled and brings an absolute wealth of clinical experience in treating the feet.   She is a dedicated practitioner who is committed to offering the best possible quality and comprehensive service and treats the following conditions;

Nail Trimming and filing
Reduction of thickened nails
Treatment and management of Ingrown nails
Corn removal
Callus and hard skin removal
Treatment and management of athlete’s foot, cracked heels and fungal infections in the nails.
Treatment and management of the diabetic foot


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