We are very proud of our 5 star independent reviews and recommendations from clients, GP’s, consultants and care homes.

After ongoing back issues for several years, Colleen took a very different approach to assessment and provided a diagnosis that made a lot of sense for the discomfort that I experienced. Colleen developed a progressive treatment plan for me that focused on rehabilitation through exercise and maintaining excellent form. We spent each session going through various exercises and stretches that not only helped with immediate relief but also helped to address the pain on a long term basis. I am really pleased with Colleens approach and the benefits I am now seeing. I would be very happy to recommend to anyone else looking for similar support.     ZW

Following surgery on my hand I was referred to Meg at Harnham Physiotherapy, where my experience has been excellent. Meg explained clearly the various treatment options available and has been meticulous in her followup.    LG

I found Colleen to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her neuromusculoskeletal specialty. She was  very practical and gave me several exercises to do outside of clinic including videos of how to do them/get the best results. I would certainly recommend her for any patient needing treatment for neuro conditions.     GR

Colleen is great. She is kind and helpful and a good physio!! Colleen explains the exercises I need to do and makes sure I’m doing them correctly. I think she is an asset to the practice!     LB

I was very pleased with my experience with Meg. She was very thorough and explained everything to me about my injury and the treatment clearly.     VN

My experience with Meg has been first class. She is very knowledgeable, sympathetic and positive in her approach. I have been impressed with her work.    DS

I was very happy with the service provided by Meg. She was very professional, provided accurate answers to my questions how healing would progress and made herself available by email to answer any additional questions or concerns I may have. I would strongly recommend Meg to anybody that undergoes a similar hand operation as i did.     AD

“After 3 years of support/effort by other physio and the like, 3 sessions here and the true problem area was found, and treated to such a degree that I’ve not had a repeat event for over a year. Top treatment.” – Trevor

“I just wanted to tell you that after my last acupuncture, the day I had it was not very different, but the next day was totally different and the following day was the first day I did not use the Tens machine at all!! So, thank you so much, for my life feels very livable again!!! Thank you, too, for all the breathing exercises which have helped enormously.” – Judith

“A unique set up with a holistic approach and extra time given to patients (an hour appointment rather than 30 minute squeeze).” – Jill

“Marie Roberts was able to perform an Epley manouvre for BPPV when nobody in the London area where I spend most time was able to help. She explained thoroughly, gave me a very full examination and was able to fit me in when I was in Salisbury. She was very professional but caring and most efficient. I would recommend her as a physio and her clinic is quiet and parking is freely available.” – Mary

“Brilliant physio practice; they alway take a holistic approach to treatment to help recovery from injury and to address any underlying issues that caused the injury in the first place. Harnham physio has helped me with lower back issues and with my pelvis during pregnancy. Would highly recommend.” – Eleanor

“Very satisfactory attention. Plenty of time. No pressure for multiple bookings.” – Anonymous

Every time I have any muscle or joint pain I go to Harnham Physio. They really listen and the treatments are excellent. I’d recommend to anyone.” – Stella

“Marie is very knowledgeable and good at finding the source of the problem. The print-outs of exercises to do at home are also very helpful.” – Gina

“Marie Roberts shows you how to help yourself, and it works! Many thanks from Hector and Jackie.”

“I have been a little hesitant about seeing a physiotherapist but am very grateful that i had several appointments with Marie Roberts who was extremely effective in sorting out debilitating pains which i had tolerated for far too long. I cannot recommend her practice more strongly. Her professionalism was superb. I have been treated by several physios in the past but Marie was by far the most effective. I recommend her most strongly.” – Jeremy

“Marie and her team offer a first class physiotherapy service. I can thoroughly recommend this clinic. I visited after straining my back and the recommended exercises and advice resolved the problem for me. I will definitely return. Well done Marie and Team!” – Tracey

“I’ve been feeling rubbish after being diagnosed with a gallstone and gastritis. I had acupuncture and reflexology with Marie. This helped me so much together with lots of tips and advice to keep my gut healthy. I highly recommend this clinic. Left me feeling loads more positive and relaxed. Thank you and look forward to my next visit.” – Nicky

“Just had a session with Emma and it was amazing. She told me so much about my body and how it works! The massage has given my shoulders instant relief and I am keen to start my exercises that she gave me to do at home to prevent further pain and improve my muscles. Can’t wait for my next session in February to work on other areas. Thank you so much.” – Aimee

“I have had a painful and very stiff neck for years and have needed to turn my whole body to look sideways. Just after one session with Marie I could turn my neck, it was amazing. I have been painting and decorating over the past few weeks which would normally have caused tremendous pain but thanks to Marie’s expertise and her acupuncture, I have suffered very little discomfort. Marie’s knowledge of the body is extensive, not only is she very professional she is also extremely kind, she loves her job, cares about her patients and does her best to make them feel better as quickly as possible. I am a massage therapist and have now referred several of my clients to Marie when I have felt that their problems are perhaps not responding to massage alone. Five stars are not enough for this incredible Physiotherapist.” – Chrissie

“An excellent practice – caring and knowledgeable. Sorted out serious hand problems after a broken wrist for me. I even managed to get my husband to go and he had been in pain for years. We would both recommend this practice without reservation.” – Angela

“Marie Roberts at Harnham Physiotherapy has made hand splints for me, treated me for neck , shoulder and back problems and other things too numerous to mention. She’s an excellent physio and thank goodness she is in Salisbury.” – Jeni

“Two members of my family and I have used Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic for a variety of injuries to back and knee injuries and have been hugely impressed by the level of service and speed with which we were helped to recover. I cannot rate it highly enough.” – John

“Excellent treatment last year, curing my back problem, and I’d go back there as my first choice if I needed further treatment.” – Janet