Remote Access Physiotherapy

We are now very pleased to announce the launch of our Remote Access Physiotherapy Sessions. For occasions when you are unable to access the clinic through work, illness or otherwise. This might be for a musculoskeletal joint problem or condition – or for ongoing rehabilitation to maintain independent living at home. We use Skype, Zoom Messenger or FaceTime.

What is a physiotherapy video-call?
Through a live scheduled video-call, you would be asked the same thorough questions as if you were in the clinic.  Questions would be about the current problem, your medical history, medications and your occupation, lifestyle and activities.

Your physical assessment would involve you undressing in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Through the video, your posture and movements may be accurately assessed.  You may be guided through other physical or functional tests and activities.  You may be asked to feel a body-part to detect soreness or a problem.

From all this information we can work out what is wrong and we can determine how you can start treating it yourself.

You will be advised on managing the current condition with self-help techniques, pain management advice, specific relevant exercises and postural, occupational or lifestyle adjustments where appropriate.  
Specifically prescribed exercises will be emailed to you after the session together with any other important recommendations.
There is so much that can be done by video-call.  


What do I need to do?

You will need to make sure that you can be seen and have a private space in which to move around.  An assessment may require you to lay on the floor or on a bed.  Using a tablet or phone for the video-call can help as they are so easy to move, reposition and angle. You would need to download the free Skype or Zoom app.

What should I wear?

Leg assessments will need to be done wearing shorts. Back assessments are most accurate in underwear.  Neck and shoulder assessments are most accurate undressing from the waist and there is often involvement of the spine.  Please keep underwear on.  The first 20 minutes of questions are normally done before you get undressed.

Don’t you need to touch me?

So much can be gained by hands-on assessment and treatment and that will always our gold standard approach.  However, we can still accurately assess and diagnose conditions both verbally and visually.  It is still a thorough and complex assessment that can give sound treatment advice that is both effective and successful.

What about measuring progress?

A video-call follow up may be arranged where we reassess you and adjust your exercises and management accordingly.  

Please contact us to arrange.