Fees & Bookings

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Physiotherapy (in person or by videocall) 

£80 Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and BPPV vertigo appointments (45 minutes) 

£90 Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (45 minutes) via insurance where invoices are required to be raised and monitored by the accounts department.

£32 Arthritis Action UK member – 45 minutes (for the allocated two sessions annually and in clinic, with £30 per session subsidised by Arthritis Action UK**).  Not applicable to home visits.

**Anyone suffering arthritis can join Arthritis Action UK for just £15-£20 per annum or £100 for lifetime membership. They provide many member benefits including subsidising two therapy appointments per annum with their recognised approved practitioners. This has to be for treatment of arthritis. Arthritis Action UK want more people suffering with arthritis to be able to access more information about their conditions and to benefit from getting some much needed treatment and self care advice. For more information please click on this link: arthritisaction.org.uk

Specialist Hand and Upper Limb Therapy (in person or by videocall)

*£96  Specialist hand and upper limb therapy appointment (45 minutes)

*£178  Post operative or trauma Specialist Hand Therapy double appointment including careful removal of dressings, wound care, swelling management and bespoke splint or garment fabrication (90 minutes)

*Products made or provided to ‘take away’ are also charged at the appointment – for example with wound care, scar management, swelling management and bespoke thermoplastic splints or neoprene garments. 

Community Visits (Neurological Rehab, falls, mobility, post operative rehab)

£80 Home Visit – 45 to 60 minutes (within 3 mile radius, with prorated travel time added outside of this radius)

£90 where insurer may require invoices to be raised and monitored by accounts. 

Respiratory Physiotherapy (in person or by videocall)

£160 Comprehensive respiratory assessment and management advice (90 minute double session).   

£80 Respiratory Physiotherapy follow up (45 mins)

Discount on your first appointment 

We support the NHS and British Forces by offering an introductory 10% off your first physiotherapy appointment.  Musculoskeletal Clinic appointments only.

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture (We suggest booking an intensive course of twice weekly sessions for three weeks, then weekly session for 2-4 weeks and then a 4 week top-up thereafter to maintain results)    

£97 First Session – Consultation and Treatment 

£80 Follow-up

Cancellation Policy – 2 working days for single sessions, 5 working days for double sessions

In order to run the busy clinic smoothly and to maximise choice of appointments for patients – we politely ask that you give at least 48 hours (two working days) notice if you need to cancel or change a 45 minute appointment.  5 working days for double 90 minute appointments.  Should this not be possible, we will endeavour to be as flexible as we can but we reserve the right to charge for the appointment.

We recognise that short notice cancellations due to acute infectious illness or emergency are unavoidable. If you do have a nasty cold… please do cancel your appointment without any penalty!

Clients who fail to attend or cancel repeatedly at rather short notice may be asked to pay upfront over the phone on making further appointments when rebooking.

We do not work for any medico-legal companies per se but we are happy to see clients who may be involved in a compensation case as long as they are happy to pay the regular clinic fees upfront and take receipts.

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