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Our Salisbury clinic welcomes clients of all ages and musculoskeletal conditions. This could be anything from a sprained ankle or knee, to complex acute or chronic spinal pain. It could be something more unusual, such as dizziness or a disorder of the jaw joint.

It is very important to us that we are able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and expert skilled treatment in order to help you manage your condition. We want to help you overcome the problem in the short term as well as making sure that you have longer term strategies to prevent it from returning… or to be able to manage longer term conditions or diagnoses.


We use a wide range of treatment techniques including for example; manual therapy, massage, exercise, stretches, postural education, core strengthening, activity modification, tape, acupuncture and electrotherapy. We also take time to ensure that you understand your condition and offer much advice regarding how to manage it yourself.

Patients are treated with genuine interest and compassion. Quality of care and your value for money are absolutely core and essential within the practice. We strive to offer the best possible service and we allow time for this in our 45 minute appointments. Neither therapists nor patients are rushed and this allows for often excellent and very satisfying results.

The number of sessions you require very much depends on the nature of the condition and how you respond to treatment interventions. Rest assured that we monitor progress very closely and only treat patients who we think are benefiting from our input. As an open and honest practice, we try to identify cases where we might not be the right avenue for you – and may recommend other directions where appropriate.

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