The Team


We are extremely proud to have a highly-skilled, talented and diverse team with a combined experience of more than 117 years clinical practice.

Our diversity allows us to carefully match the skill set of our physiotherapists and clinicians to the particular needs of individual clients in order to promote excellent treatment and outcomes.  At times, we may also collaborate and work as a team to ensure that our clients achieve their very best potential



BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, BA (Hons) European Business, MCSP, AACP

Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinic Manager. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Medical Acupuncture, Facial Acupuncture for Cosmetic Enhancement, Specialist Hand Therapist, Specialist in BPVV (vertigo), Specialist in TMJ (Jaw) and Reflexology.

Marie graduated from the University of Brighton in 2003 with a first class honours degree in Physiotherapy. She gained much musculoskeletal outpatients experience from working as a senior physiotherapist in various NHS hospitals in the South East (Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Margate and East Grinstead).

Marie has over 20 years diverse experience in physiotherapy and is absolutely passionate about helping people with complex chronic pain and combines traditional physiotherapy techniques with acupuncture and other holistic approaches.

Marie is the only locally approved practitioner with Arthritis Action UK in the Salisbury and surrounding area. Arthritis action is a UK based charity that approached Marie in 2016 to deliver their subsidised treatments locally after reviewing the Harnham Physiotherapy ethos and Marie’s extensive approach to the management of arthritic conditions. AAUK continuously seek feedback from every client seen – to ensure that an excellent service is consistently being provided. Marie sees clients subsidised by AAUK up to twice per year and gives extensive advice about arthritis management for any joint and offers pain relief treatments. Arthritis can be managed effectively and further joint degeneration can often be slowed down with the right multifaceted and holistic approach. Anyone with a diagnosis of arthritis can self refer to AAUK on this link.

Marie is a full member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and the British Association of Hand Therapy (BAHT).

Prior to starting her career in physiotherapy in 1999, Marie gained a degree in European Business at Loughborough University and worked in Human Resources for a multinational car manufacturer.  Marie qualified as a reflexologist with the Association of Reflexology in 1999 and continues to work very holistically as a practitioner.

When not working, Marie juggles running a business with a very busy family life with two young children. Now that the children are both in school, Marie is back to regular golf at Salisbury and South Wilts Golf Club.

Craig March Newsletter


BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, BSc (Hons) Health, Exercise and Sport, MCSP, AACP

Chartered Physiotherapist
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Acupuncture

Craig is a very keen footballer and sportsman who has come to specialise in the rehabilitation of sporting injuries as well as spinal conditions involving highly skilled manipulative techniques.

After initially gaining a degree in Health, Exercise and Sport, Craig went on to gain a First Class degree in Physiotherapy in Bristol.  Craig has also completed extensive postgraduate training on spinal manipulation as well as sports-related conditions including the shoulder, hip and groin. Craig is also trained in Acupuncture and is a member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Craig is a “hands-on” therapist and has valuable experience both in private practice and in the NHS where he currently works in a senior and specialised musculoskeletal role supporting other less experienced clinicians within his team. He also runs a NHS clinic independently at a GP practice in Amesbury. Craig is very thorough in his assessment and treatment. Like all our expert Physiotherapists, he will look beyond the problematic area to work out why a condition might have evolved, resolve it quickly and help you to manage it longer term without recurrence. We are delighted to have Craig on the team – working on a Tuesday evening.




BSc (Hons)  Physiotherapy, MCSP

Chartered Physiotherapist
Specialist in Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of Older People

Karen worked as a mental health support worker in the NHS in Poole for 8 years before starting her career in Physiotherapy in 2008. She gained much experience as a Physiotherapy assistant for two years in trauma (fractures, falls), orthopaedics (joint conditions and surgery), and neurology at the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. Karen studied Physiotherapy at the University of West England and graduated as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2012. Karen went on to work with patients with neurological conditions at the North Bristol NHS Trust.

After taking maternity leave and moving to Salisbury, Karen worked at the Salisbury District Hospital in Odstock, treating a wide variety of patients in acute medical care, elderly care, rehabilitation and stroke rehabilitation. Karen is now able to utilise her broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in the provision of patient-centred rehabilitation in their own homes.

The clinic was invited to provide all the physiotherapy services at Braemar Lodge and Harnham Croft care homes in Salisbury.  Karen delivers very popular weekly exercise groups together with individual assessment and rehabilitation of various conditions. This may include poor mobility, balance problems, neurological conditions (Stroke, Parkinsons), wheelchair appropriateness, painful joints, and difficulty with functional aspects of daily living such as climbing stairs.

Karen is also involved with preparing clients for safe and timely discharge home and follow-up thereafter.

When not working, Karen can either be found at the gym, the beach, or having fun with her young daughter.



BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MSc module Elderly Care, MCSP, ACPIN

Chartered Physiotherapist
Specialist in Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of Older People

Jane brings a wealth of experience and clinical skill in relation to the rehabilitation of clients with neurological conditions as well as the rehabilitation of older people.  Having qualified in 1993 in Glasgow, Jane has accumulated 24 years of experience including working as a Senior Physiotherapist in an acute Stroke unit, working as a Senior Physiotherapist in a community older peoples team, and working as a Superintendent III Physiotherapist managing a multidisciplinary health and social care rehabilitation team.

Jane currently works part-time at the Wessex Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre as a specialist physiotherapist.  She also works part-time seeing a wide variety of clients at home in the community or in the care setting.

Jane is a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists interested in Neurology (ACPIN).



BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP

Chartered Physiotherapist
Specialist in community-based rehabilitation of the older person, orthopaedic rehabilitation and falls prevention

Emily has 14 years of extensive experience in physiotherapy particularly in post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation, elderly care and falls prevention. She has much experience of working within a complex multidisciplinary team and has previously run educational classes for those undertaking elective hip and knee replacement surgery.

Emily’s background is greatly enhanced by her eleven years of broad NHS experience having previously worked as a physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistant at the Salisbury District Hospital. She now continues her dedicated work in and around Salisbury.




BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, BSc (Hons) Sports Science, MSc module Pulmonary Respiratory, MCSP, ACPRC

Chartered Physiotherapist
Specialist in Respiratory Care

Since qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2004, Jenna has worked in the NHS in a variety of settings and roles. She has spent the last 12 years specialising in treating those with respiratory conditions on acute medical wards, respiratory and gastrointestinal wards, coronary care, surgical wards, high dependency units and on critical intensive care. Jenna has lead courses for patients undergoing Pulmonary Rehabilitation after an episode of illness. She specialises in assisting those with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). At Salisbury District Hospital, Jenna supervises junior physiotherapists and physiotherapy undergraduates in their training. She also participates on the Salisbury District Hospital emergency on-call out of hours rota for those requiring urgent assistance.

Jenna is a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care (ACPRC) and the British Thoracic Society (BTS).

When not working, Jenna is very busy looking after her young family or may be out enjoying a game of Tennis. Jenna is a very talented tennis player who has previously represented Wiltshire in the county championships and continues to play at the Salisbury Tennis Club.

** Jenna is currently frontline staff with Covid-19 at Salisbury District Hospital so will not seeing patients in clinic at the present time.**



Deep tissue massage, sports massage and holistic massage therapist

Biomechanics Coach

Fitness Instructor (Level 2) and Personal Fitness Trainer (Level 3)

Over the past 7 years, Owen’s truly holistic approach and mindset has evolved to embrace highly refined specialist massage skills that are often integrated with tailored fitness training and biomechanical assessment.

Owen has helped a very diverse clientele with massage therapy that has been carefully tailored and delivered according to individual need.  Owen also practices in and around  Bath where since 2015 he has been treating the cast, crew and staff of a theatre.  Owen has been required to have an effective impact very quickly as “the show really must go on!!!”

As a keen sportsman himself, Owen enjoys his role as a fitness instructor and personal trainer as well as providing nutrition advice for physical activity, functional and sports specific training, sports performance nutrition, adapting exercise for older adults, and adapting exercise for ante and post natal clients.

And the best thing about Owen… he has been there with ill health and has turned his life around.  He understands.  Owen has also learned so much about the value and power of complementary therapies along his amazing journey.  He knows the power of therapy and the power of the holistic approach to healing for both mind and body.  Owen has set up holistic therapy teams across the UK and has been an inspiration to hundreds of diverse therapists.