Sports Injuries

Our diverse and highly experienced team treat all manner of acute and chronic sporting injuries at lots of different skill levels and ages.

We have successfully treated professional golfers, ex Olympic swimmers, ex GB squad athletes, elite military and elite sportsmen and women.  We have also successfully treated anything from an occasional tennis player to regular club footballers or marathon runners.  Whether an elite sports person or occasional amateur – our expert team offers the same exceptional service to all.

Acute sports injuries may occur suddenly as a result of sudden impact or awkward movement while participating in a sport.  Immediate symptoms include; swelling, pain and bleeding/bruising.  During this first 48 hours (without an open wound) we recommend the PRICE regime (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation).  We would also encourage getting in touch to discuss the best individual approach and to determine whether early therapeutic intervention could help as there are a variety of options in this acute stage.  Early therapeutic intervention also ensures that complications are minimised or avoided and it gives a sports person the chance of the fastest route to recovery.

Chronic sports injuries may develop over time due to continuous use of the same muscle groups or joints.  These injuries require thorough biomechanical assessment by one of our sports specialists to establish the root cause of the injury or recurring complaint – and to both treat the injury or recurring complaint and prevent further recurrence.

Our team has a vast amount of experience in the successful rehabilitation of injuries either after trauma or reconstructive surgery of joints, ligaments or tendons.  We may also use a collaborative team approach integrating both physiotherapy and sports therapy to ensure that our clients get the very best results and return speedily and successfully to the sports they enjoy.