Hand Therapy

The ability to use our hands is vital to most daily activities and loss of function through injury or disease can lead to much difficulty in many parts of life. This can affect day-to-day tasks as well as livelihoods, sports, leisure activities and even the way we communicate.


Hand therapy is a specialist area that integrates many different treatment approaches after a thorough assessment of structure, movement and function. This may include; acute or chronic pain management, exercises to increase movement, strength and dexterity, massage and mobilisation techniques, desensitisation after nerve injury or scar tissue formation, sensory stimulation and re-education. New ways of doing things or the use of modified equipment may be recommended. Acupuncture or TENS might also be used to reduce pain.


Splints are sometimes provided to support or protect the hand or wrist. This may involve the fabrication of tailor made splints that might be worn for functional activities or rest. This may allow a joint to function more effectively in a more stable, supported position. Alternatively, a protective splint might be worn to allow for healing and pain relief.

The clinic welcomes a wide variety of patients with hand conditions. It may be a painful thumb – arthritis or sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or a new or old fracture. It may be that post-operative care is required after hand surgery such as dupuytrens fasciectomy, trapezectomy or carpal tunnel release.

Sometimes symptoms in the hand can be due to a problem further up the arm at the shoulder or neck. Our thorough approach to assessment ensures that we treat the causes as well as the symptoms.

Our therapists are members of the British Association of Hand Therapists and the Wessex Hand Club – a local special interest group.

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